Lion conservation & Education Livingstone Zambia

Told by Cody the Cartographer and Tess the Support Carer at Make A Wish Foundation. Contact us via any of the three icons below or email


Surreal scenes at #VictoriaFalls #GoPro #LivingstoneIsland with @martiferrero @ingunn93 and Adele

Laugh, because life is ridiculous #gopro #victoriafalls #zambia

Only in Africa

Will you dare to be as adventurous as this.

Tess & myself organised a volunteer trip which was truly epic & unique.
If you’re planning to volunteer overseas, look no further than Africa.

Organisations such as Lion ALERT, Lion Encounter (Livingstone, Zambia) and African Impact offer fantastic opportunities to get involved in local community projects and conservation programs such as teaching, re-building, healthcare and walking with lions.

These programs are safe, extremely good fun and you’ll make friends for life, not to mention future career opportunities, just by opening your eyes. 

if you have any questions regarding our experience with Lion Encounter, email or visit the Instagram account (icon) to the bottom right of this page. If we can do it, so can you.image

We brought a little #Zambesi back to Melbourne @justtessy 😉

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Time to strut out of here 🐾 Thank you dearest Africa, you were good to me. If there’s one useful thing I can share on social media, it’s encouragement to volunteer overseas. Will change your life 😻 (at O.R. Tambo International Airport)

#LionsHead from #BoKaap district #CapeTown

Magical views from #TableMountain #CapeTown