Lion Conservation & Education Livingstone Zambia

Told by Cody the Cartographer and Tess the Support Carer at Make A Wish Foundation. Contact us via any of the three icons below.


Damien Mander on the use of drones to help protect wildlife from poachers -

Wild elephants across Africa could be extinct within the next century if their numbers continue to decline from poaching, disease, human-wildlife conflict with habitat and illegal wildlife trafficking for ivory and trophy hunting purposes. Let’s not be a young generation of slacktivists, let’s do something about it. IAPF need drones, donate at

International Anti Poaching Foundation team putting their lives at risk in order to protect critically endangered black rhino in Zimbabwe

Illegal ivory trading, animal trafficking and poaching is killing endangered wildlife more quickly then they are replenishing their populations

WildAid Ambassador Yao Ming asks China to ban ivory sales

In 1975 there were an estimated 250,000 lions in Africa, today the continent wide population stands at a mere 25,000. That’s a staggering 80-90% decline in less than 30 yrs from habitat loss, poaching, human wildlife conflict & disease. Should populations continue to decline & the magnitude of threats continue to intensify, the extinction of the African lion is imminent. Today marks #WorldLionDay so why not consider #volunteering in #lionconservation with #LionEncounter, #lionALERT or #AfricanImpact ? 🐾 #lions #AmazingZambia #Livingstone #travel

Reading Between The Lines

To ensure that students from the Twabuka Reading Club in Livingstone are developing an understanding of the English language alongside their reading skills, ALERT has been incorporating teaching resources donated by Axis Education Limited in the UK into the sessions. 

Lion Encounter community intern Jessica from Canada was tasked with leading the most recent reading and comprehension session, assisted by volunteers Cody from Australia and Chris and Blaire from the US.  If you would like to join ALERT as a Teaching in Africa intern to work in local schools around our project sites, you can find out more details and how to apply here

A Little Generosity Goes A Long Way

Prior to their arrival in Livingstone, two Lion Encounter volunteers, Tess and Cody from Melbourne in Australia, launched a fundraising initiative to ask family and friends to donate funds to allow the purchase of supplies for local schools supported by ALERT. 

Students from the Maunga Kids Club were also pleased to receive the donation of stationery items to use during lessons.  Again, Cody and Tess had asked family and friends to collect coloured pencils, crayons, markers, writing pens and pencils, and other equipment.  Each child was given their own pen and pencil, while the crayons and markers were collected into pencil cases, which teacher Lisa will distribute to each class. Our heartfelt thanks go to Tess and Cody and everyone who contributed to their fundraising effort. 

The impact that donations of this kind have on our communities is significant.  The resources available to schools in villages around our project sites are extremely limited; reducing the effectiveness of the education that they can provide.  ALERT offers both manpower and material support to these schools, enabling them to enhance their provision to the local community.

Volunteer with Lion Encounter & LionALERT via umbrella group - African Impact in Livingstone, Zambia

Only In Africa

Will you dare to be as adventurous as this?!

Tess & myself organised a volunteer trip which was truly wonderful and unique. If you’re planning to volunteer overseas, look no further than Africa.

Organisations such as African Lion & Environmental Research Trust, Lion Encounter (Livingstone, Zambia) and African Impact offer fantastic opportunities to get involved in local community projects and conservation programs such as teaching and lion conservation.

These programs are safe, extremely good fun and you’ll make friends for life, not to mention future intern opportunities.

Volunteer-tourism generates local employment and supports the community. So why not immerse yourself in a different culture amongst beautiful landscapes with beautiful people.

if you have any questions regarding our experience with Lion Encounter, email or visit the Instagram account (icon) to the bottom right of this page. If we can do it, so can you.image