Lion Conservation & Education Livingstone Zambia
Told by Cody the Cartographer and Tess the Support Carer at Make A Wish Foundation. Contact us via any of the three icons below.


Happy lion cubs in the Mosi O Tunya National Park w Lion ALERT

Amazing Zambia

Happy lion conservation = happy & healthy lions

Lion Encounter // LionALERT volunteer base, hard work, surreal scenes & epic adventures

Angels Armchair, Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambia

Microlight Flights over Victoria Falls and elephant herds in the Zambezi



Damien Mander on the use of drones to help protect wildlife from poachers -

Wild elephants across Africa could be extinct within the next century if their numbers continue to decline from poaching, disease, human-wildlife conflict with habitat and illegal wildlife trafficking for ivory and trophy hunting purposes. Let’s not be a young generation of slacktivists, let’s do something about it. IAPF need drones, donate at

International Anti Poaching Foundation team putting their lives at risk in order to protect critically endangered black rhino in Zimbabwe

Illegal ivory trading, animal trafficking and poaching is killing endangered wildlife more quickly then they are replenishing their populations

WildAid Ambassador Yao Ming asks China to ban ivory sales

In 1975 there were an estimated 250,000 lions in Africa, today the continent wide population stands at a mere 25,000. That’s a staggering 80-90% decline in less than 30 yrs from habitat loss, poaching, human wildlife conflict & disease. Should populations continue to decline & the magnitude of threats continue to intensify, the extinction of the African lion is imminent. Today marks #WorldLionDay so why not consider #volunteering in #lionconservation with #LionEncounter, #lionALERT or #AfricanImpact ? 🐾 #lions #AmazingZambia #Livingstone #travel